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AudaVIN, Audatex’s intelligent vehicle identification system decodes all 17-digits of a vehicles VIN and pre-populates the vehicle’s factory specific options and specifications directly into Audatex Estimating.

By using AudaVIN, your shop will produce more accurate estimates, save more time when inspecting damaged vehicles, and reduce repair cycle times.

Savings of up to 7 minutes per inspection

AudaVIN reduces reliance on physical inspection by increasingly less tenured appraisers – especially with over 4,500 vehicle models introduced into the market over the last 10 years!

50% to 60% fewer option related discrepancies

AudVIN removes the “guesswork” of knowing what options are on the car especially with visible componenent accounting for <50% of a car's value.

Up to 70% drop in vehicle description errors

AudaVIN adds to the standard information contained in an 11-digit VIN decode (manufacturer, year, make, model) to include;

  • paint colour,
  • standard fitted options,
  • factory fitted options
  • packages
  • engine type
  • trim, and more.

Between 1-3 day cycle time improvement

AudaVIN improves cycle times as it provides shops with immediate and accurate identification of the parts needed to complete the repair. Vehicles can be delivered in the original expected timeframe. AudaVIN results in 5-10% fewer supplements.

-- Edward Cafferty, Sunnyside Auto Ltd.

“AudaVIN identifies the correct vehicle and source its parts. We service a lot of Mercedes-Benz and there are over 22 different for some types of bumpers. AudaVIN delivers a quicker turnaround for our clients and lower rental fee costs."


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